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Winter Meeting Minutes, Important Dates, and More

Winter Meeting Minutes Are Available

We wanted to thank everyone who took the time to attend our annual Winter Meeting. We will continue to consider the possibility of posting the minutes on our website, but for now, the complete minutes are available as a pdf or hard copy to current members; simply contact us to request a copyAgain, our thanks to our Secretary Alisa Lombardo for providing such detailed notes. Some of the meeting highlights may be found below.

A Note About Dues

Speaking of “current members,” we’re encouraged by the response so far to our request for dues in our recent membership letter. And we hasten to add, grateful for those of you who added a little more in the way of a donation either by check or PayPal payment. But we still have a long way to go, so, if you haven’t done so already, please send us your dues today.

Winter Meeting Highlights

  • Members are encouraged to provide feedback on these efforts. 

  • The detailed Treasurer’s report presented at the meeting is available for the asking.

  • The Spring Cocktail Party will take place at the Gilgo Beach Inn, hosted by Paul McDuffie, and is scheduled for Saturday, June 2.

  • The Summer Barbecue is scheduled to take place at Oak Beach Park on Saturday, July 21.

  • Deputy Supervisor Tony Martinez reports that bids for the final restoration phase at the Community Center will be opened in a few weeks and work will resume immediately.

  • District Director Gordon Canary in Senator Phil Boyle’s office reports that Altice will be installing their infrastructure for high-speed internet throughout Oak Beach, Gilgo, and West Gilgo during 2018, with actual hookups to residences beginning January 2019.

  • Bids for extending the bike path from Tobay to Captree are to be solicited in May 2019, with construction to begin in summer of 2019 and be completed by summer 2020.

If you would like to know more, please contact us to request a copy of the Winter Meeting minutes.

—Jed Meade, 1/29/2018

Our Condolences, and Annual Meeting Reminder

Heartfelt Condolences

Our condolences go out to the Howell and Picken families on the loss of their Oak Island homes during the blizzard this past ThursdayGiven the frozen conditions of “The Lead,” not to mention the treacherous driving conditions, we were grateful for Babylon Fire Department’s showing up at the height of the storm in full force and being on hand for any developments. They were joined by a number of units from Suffolk County Marine Bureau. Fortunately, no injuries occurred.

At this time, no cause of the fire has been determined.

Annual Meeting Reminder

Fire safety and related emergency services issues will be among the topics discussed at our Annual Winter Meeting, to be held this coming Saturday, January 13, at 10 a.m. at Town of Babylon History Museum, 47 West Main Street, Babylon Village. Limited parking is available behind the building and additional public parking is available nearby.

Hope to see you there!


—Jed Meade, 1/7/2018

Holiday Trains, and a Winter Meeting Date!

What a Party!

Just a quick note of thanks to all those intrepid partygoers who attended the Tree Lighting and Holiday Party under very seasonable conditions. Both events were certainly well attended, especially given the weather, and by all accounts, everyone had a wonderful time!

Many thanks again to TOB for the potties and shuttle buses, to “Beach Hut Fred” for his heaters, to Jim and Mary Beth Schappert for all the planning and set-up, to Kevin McBride as Santa, and to Carl Vogel for Santa's sleigh! And, of course, we'd like to give a big thank-you to our gracious hosts, Jaime and Tim Harrison. 


Don't Miss the Holiday Train Display

Speaking of the holidays, make sure you pay a visit to the Annual Holiday Model Train Display at the Town of Babylon History Museum, located at 47 West Main Street in Babylon Village. It’s a lot of fun for young and old alike, and even features a replica of our very own Oak Beach Life Saving/Coast Guard station! More details can be found here.

Save the Date for the Annual Winter Meeting

And speaking of the History Museum, TOB Historian and Archivist Mary Cascone has generously invited us once again to hold our Annual Winter Meeting at the museum on Saturday, January 13th at 10:00 a.m. Mark your calendars and please come and participate.



—Jed Meade, 12/20/2017

Update: Tree Lighting and Holiday Party Are Still On!

Despite the weather, the Tree Lighting, Santa, and the Holiday Party will go on – perhaps a little more seasonable than we had planned!

You may park inside Oak Beach Park parking lot near the tree where the two shuttle buses will be sledding you down to the party. TOB Bay Constables and SCPD Marine Bureau will be aware of our parking cars there and the gates will remain open until after the party. Please remember that the last shuttle bus will leave the party by 8:30 p.m.


—Jed Meade, 12/9/2017

BBCA Tree Lighting and Holiday Party—This Saturday!

The Holiday Party is just a few days away, and the forecast is still calling for seasonably chilly weather, with temperatures in the 30’s and light winds (7 m.p.h.).

Our hosts, Jamie and Tim Harrison, are relatively new residents at Oak Beach, so please make a point to say hello, as they’d like to meet their neighbors! We are looking forward to seeing you there!

—Jed Meade, 12/6/2017

Last Chance to RSVP, Plus an Early Forecast!

Very Early Forecast for the Holiday Party...

So far, the weather outlook for next Saturday's Tree Lighting and Holiday Party is for seasonable temps in the mid- to upper 30’s until about 8 p.m. It will be cloudy leading into late afternoon with winds out of the west about 12 mph.

While that forecast may be tweaked somewhat in the next week, the good news is that I don’t see any frigid, raging nor’easters on the horizon. So far, it's a go—dress appropriately! 

Expect one more email next week to confirm that we are still on.

Deadline to RSVP—TODAY!

Thank you to everyone who has sent their RSVP. As a reminder, the deadline to RSVP is today! Please send us a note asap to let us know how many of you will be attending the Tree Lighting and/or the Holiday Party. Don't forget to specify how many children will be attending the Tree Lighting so we can make sure Santa knows how many goody bags to bring!


—Jed Meade, 12/1/2017

Don't Forget to RSVP for the Tree Lighting and Holiday Party!

Everything is coming together for this year's annual Tree Lighting and Holiday Party! Please send us a note by Friday, December 1, to let us know how many of you will be attending the Tree Lighting and/or the Holiday Party. Don't forget to specify how many children will be attending the Tree Lighting so we can make sure Santa knows how many goody bags to bring!

Please RSVP by Friday, December 1!
As always, in order to plan for food and refreshments, please let us know if you plan to attend and how many will be in your party.

More details will follow... 

—Jed Meade, 11/27/2017

BBCA Tree Lighting and Holiday Party—More Details!

Get Ready for the Tree Lighting AND Holiday Party!

We are excited to announce more details about the BBCA’s fast-approaching 2017 Tree Lighting and Holiday Party! 

Many members will fondly recall our traditional events at the Community Center with Santa giving out gifts to the kids, or the elegant affair hosted by Karen George to mark the first event under our new BBCA name in 2015.  Well…this won’t be like that. 
It is not easy to find a space large enough to fit a group the size of ours, and so we needed to entertain some creative ideas in an attempt to gather during this season of celebration. We have planned an event that will definitely be different—and it will be fun! 

First, the BBCA Tree Lighting (with a visit from Santa)! 
Join your fellow Barrier Beach residents for our annual tree lighting, with carols and a visit from Santa! The tree lighting will begin at 4:15 p.m. on December 9 in Oak Beach Park. This event will last about an hour, and will be a chance for BBCA families to gather and sing carols with their children. Santa will be arriving in style with goody bags for all children 12 and under. Please let us know how many children you will be bringing, so Santa's elves can prepare enough holiday surprises for everyone!
Then, the 2017 BBCA Holiday Party! 
Immediately after the tree-lighting, an adults-only party will be graciously hosted by Tim and Jaime Harrison of Oak Beach! Here are some details:

Date: Saturday December 9, 2017
Where: 57 Savannah Road, Oak Beach
Time: 5:15–8:15 p.m.  
  • This is an adults-only party. If you are attending the tree-lighting, please bring your children back home, and then return to Oak Beach Park to meet a shuttle bus to the party.
  • This will be a unique outdoor affair, set up in the Harrisons' front yard under tents. Please dress accordingly! The "Main Tent" (20 x 30 ft.) will have walls and will be heated, but be forewarned – this tent will not hold everyone at the same time. Think of it more as a “warming station." Additional tents will be set up with outdoor heaters, but these tents will not have walls. (Again, think "warming station.") High-top cocktail tables will be set up around the party, and there will be a few round tables and chairs for those who may need to sit.
  • There will be delicious food! Gourmet sandwiches, pasta, and salad will be provided by Mulberry Street in Babylon, and we will have a “soup and chili station” with homemade breads and a few hot soups courtesy of Panera.
  • Refreshments will include sodas, water, a beer keg, and red and white wine.
  • All parking will be in Oak Beach Park. Two shuttle buses will make continuous trips to the party and back. For a number of reasons – safety at night, access for those disabled, keeping roads open for buses’ navigation – it is essential that unless you are walking to the party, you park in Oak Beach Park across the road (north) from the tree.
  • Due to somewhat limited space, we are inviting only current BBCA members and their immediate families—please, no guests.

Please RSVP!
As always, in order to plan for food and refreshments, please let us know if you plan to attend and how many will be in your party.

Stay Tuned for More Details
If you’ve gotten this far, you realize how dependent we will be on somewhat cooperative, albeit seasonable, weather. So, if weather reports by Wednesday, December 6, indicate that an outdoor party will not be feasible on the 9th, the party may be rescheduled and/or canceled. We will let you know by 12/6 if it’s a go or not.

We’re trying our best, folks, not to miss yet another event! And we put great faith in many of you seasoned and stalwart beach residents to embrace some chilly conditions for what will surely be a memorable holiday celebration.

We want to thank TOB for the shuttle buses and porta-potties, Fred Marsilio of The Beach Hut for his outdoor heaters, and, of course, Jamie and Tim Harrison for their location.


—Jed Meade, 11/20/2017

Save the Date for the BBCA Holiday Party!

We’ve just received exciting news that an Oak Beach family has generously offered to host our Holiday Party! Many details have to be worked out but, for now, please set aside the early evening of Saturday, December 9, for a gathering with food and refreshments and, no doubt, a visit from Santa! 

Stay tuned for more details...


—Jed Meade, 11/4/2017

Town of Babylon Recycling Calendar

Recycling Calendar



  • Pick-up of bottles and cans alternates every Wednesday with pick-up of papers, except during holiday weeks when they will be picked up on your regular garbage day (Thursday or Friday).
  • E-Waste is no longer picked up curbside. Electronics can be dropped off at the Residential Recycling Facility in West Babylon or returned to place of sale. Arrangements for special pick-up can also be made. Residents should also explore online reimbursement programs for unwanted electronics.
  • Natural Christmas Trees will be picked up on the same days as your yard waste.
  • To report a concern, dial 311
  • To contact a specific Department, call (631) 957-3000
  • For questions regarding pickup, please call EnCon at (631) 491-3200.
  • Like the Town of Babylon on Facebook for Town news and events